AmeriDiamond Legal Document Services is a virtual legal document assistant ("LDA") for the public and a paralegal service for attorneys ("independent paralegal"). We provide low-cost legal documents services. We are registered and bonded as a Legal Document Assistant, Process Server, and commissioned Notary Public.

LDA: #17-002; PS: #17-003

AmeriDiamond Legal Document Services helps the public complete difficult legal documents the court requires to file your case. Legal battles are very hard to deal with emotionally and financially for individuals. We are here to help you alleviate some of this process for you with compassion and care.

We handle a large variety of legal documents for our clients, such as divorce, child custody and visitation, child and spousal support, prenuptial and postnuptial agreement, marital settlement agreements, restraining orders, name changes, small claims, some civil, simple probates and estate planning documents, including trust, will, Advanced Heath Care Directive, Power of Attorney, certification of trusts and transfer documents. We also handle evictions, deeds, contracts, rental agreements, Promissory Note, transcription, etc. at a fraction of the cost that you would be charged by an attorney or an attorney would pay for an employee. We provide notarial and process serving services as well.

We understand that times are hard and it is hard for clients to take time off of work to meet with us. We offer after hour appointments for your convenience. We are always available for our clients around the clock.

How is this possible to work with a Virtual Legal Document Assistant?

Using the latest innovations in technology, we are able to securely communicate with our clients via telephone, email, fax, Skype, Face Time, Instant Messaging, and Text Messaging. We use digital transcription through Express Scribe and possess a transcription machine to transcribe micro-cassette tapes for our clients. We will gladly adapt to other means of communication to make the process more convenient and more satisfying to our clients.

We meet local clients at Starbuck's for the initial interview, review documentation and speak with them personally. For estate planning documents, we will meet with clients at their home for their convenience.

We have read some sites that have "Beware of Legal Documents Services that do not have their own office." Legal Document Assistants that do have their own offices our charging you more to pay for the same services that we provide since they have to pay the extra overhead of having their own office. Again, I am registered, bonded, licensed and insured through Placer County.

Cost-Effective Services:

For the public:

  • We offer payment plans to assist you in getting your paperwork filled;
  • We offer affordable services without huge retainer fees;
  • We offer lower costs than most Legal Document Assistants because we do not have the office space overhead.

We are compassionate and can empathize with your legal issues. We understand your situation and will help you through it.

For attorneys:

  • No purchasing additional equipment, office space, or office furniture;
  • No employee payroll taxes, benefits, sick days, vacation time, or retirement; and
  • No paying for training, employee socializing or 10 minute breaks.

We are dedicated to providing actual productive services for the amount of time that the attorney determines. The attorney only pays for services of productive time! We value and possess strong work ethics and are devoted to providing excellent service.

The Benefits of working with a Virtual Legal Assistant

For the public:

  • Save you time from having to figure out how to fill out legal documents correctly;
  • Save you time from having to go back and forth to the courthouse to keep filling out additional documents;
  • Helps relieve the stress and frustration of having to deal with additional issues on top of the issues you are already dealing with;
  • Saves you time and money for not having to take off of work; and
  • Have peace of mind that the paperwork is being completed for you.

For attorneys:

  • Save you valuable time to work on more profitable issues of your firm/business;
  • You do not have to provide costly office equipment, space, or pay taxes on a virtual assistant;
  • More flexibility to invoke on firm/business growth;
  • More time to spend with clients and family;
  • Have peace of mind that the work is being completed;
  • Contracting a Virtual Assistant is business write-off and Paralegal expenses can be billed to the client; and
  • You can have a RUSH job completed during the weekend or after hours.

Stop trying to juggle the legal and administrative paperwork. Let me handle it for you so you can get back to growing your firm/business and/or spending time with your family.


AmeriDiamond serves Placer, Sacramento, San Juaquin, Stanislaus, Merced, Madera, and Fresno Counties.

Call or email me to schedule a FREE consultation.

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